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Mount Bromo Tourist Attractions Interesting And Famous | Triyan Blog, Travel , previous article we discussed about the location or the location information List of hotels that are around the town of Probolinggo , this time we will up date information Mount Bromo Tourist Attractions very well known and much visited by local tourists as well as foreign tourists , the following list of interesting places to visit around Mount Bromo .Crater of Mount Bromo

1 . The crater of Mount Bromo2 . Whispering Sand Sea3 . Hills Savana Telletubies3 . Mountains Panajakan ( For Seeing Sunrise )4 . Ranu Kumbolo5 . Semeru Trekking6 . Waterfalls MadakaripuraTo reach the above can only use a jeep , you can rent a jeep in the CommunityRanu Kumbolo has provided around Cemoro Lawang village , with the price of his relative and depends a lot on the location of the visit , the price to rent a jeep that is commonly used many of its visitors only the 2/3 locations: Pananjakan , Telletubies Hill , Whispering Sand and crater of Mount Bromo and hargana about 550,000 / 600,000 IDR , and can seat 4/6 people .I think quite so articles about Interesting Locations Around Bromo | Triyan Blogs Hobbies adventure.Thanks you for reading our blog about , this article was published without Copas and supported by google .

Interesting Locations Around Bromo | Triyan Blog
Photo of Ranu Kumbolo Arround Bromo
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